Saturday, September 26, 2009

Not So Good

Well, I had high hopes for my big container garden but alas, it did not work out. The tomato plant grew like crazy but never had a tomato. I think it was the wrong variety for my zone. I have never had a tomato plant not set a tomato. Also, the birds and squirrels continued to graze and the heat finally did it in.

I'm not sure I will try again next spring. I should really try to plant some winter vegetables. I haven't tried that yet.

The baby trees that I bought from the electric company are still growing although not as much as I hoped. The summer rains were very very light this year. I had my grey water hooked up to one tree but my dog broke the valve so I water is by bucket now.

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Nancy S. said...

You should probably have one tomatoe plant only in your container. Tomatoe plants can get very large with a big root system. Check out the Desert Gardening Guide for a pretty good planting calendar. It is for Phoenix, so remember Tucson is a little cooler so you might want to give the plants 15 more days.